4th Open Debate Forum at IFL


4th IFL Open Debate Forum was celebrated on July 14, 2007, organized by IFL organizing committees and debate club members. It’s one of the event created by IFL in order to provide broaden knowledge for all the students both inside and outside IFL who are interested in this learning activity.

The motion for the parliamentary debate for this forum: “That Ardent Feminists Do Not make Good Wives and Mothers.”

Two teams, one representing government side and the other representing opposition party, were come to debate on the motion above by providing concrete evidences to strengthen their own side in order to convince the audience. This kind of this activity gave a demonstration for students in clues about how the debate processes in formal.

After debate finished, this is a time for audience to express their ideas and comments as well as to ask the debaters following the motion. I can say it was a hot Q & A as both lecturers and students came out to give very long comments and serious questions, but most of them were debatable about definition instead.

Every concern had passed through and a time for fun was coming; this was speaking contest. Five contestants were chosen and given marks by four adjudicators, which one of them included me.

Many participates were invited to join by registering in advance or on that day of the open debate forum, and they had a chance to join a floor debate on the topic “This house believe that higher education should be available only to good students.”

Time passed so quick; the 4th open debate forum was closed.

Debate Members at IFL Foyer


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