Submit Your Sites to Search Engines–Google, Yahoo, DMOZ…


Why needs to do so? Sure it provides more benefits… to get higher rank in search engines is one important reason.

Where can we submit our sites? There are many big search engines that you can submit your sites for FREE:

What you need to do then? Before submitting your sites, you should read concisely for any guidance and make sure that you don’t commit any thing wrong rather than it suggests; otherwise, your site will not get listed. Three things you need to know: 1. Understanding submitting guideline 2. Making sure your site meet all requirements 3. Submitting done correctly (e.g Select the right category; your title and description are not the same, … and much more than these). Crucially, don’t make mistake in submission. It is difficult to resubmit. However, for DMOZ, even you are sure that you get all things correctly; it is still just submission and forget for ever. What you can do is just waiting. I don’t think it should be like this. Why just an email alerting that your site is get listed is not delivered? Personally, it’s not like a human sense to do that.

When we know our sites get listed? You need to find out by yourself. There is no notice or information telling you that your suggestion get accepted. After submission you need to keep in trace to check by your own that is a free service, but if you pay, it’ll be different. It’s like Yahoo Directory submission that you choose to pay $299 or up; you will be treated in different way that you will get reply quickly in 7days.

Truly, there is nothing really FREE in this world.


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