How to Build Your Own Search Engine


So far I have found some ways to build your own search engine to fully function through features provided by Google Custom Search and Yahoo Search–Boss.These two big search engine are so competitive.

Google provides a custom search that is easy to use for free but surely it includes ‘powered by google’ trademark. What you need to build up your own search engine in Google Custom Search Engine is quite easy that you just follow google guideline since it has user friendly interface for you. First thing you need to do is create your Custom Search Engine by providing some basic information described about your search engine. You’ll be asked to provide your search engine name, description, keywords, language( You can choose a specified language to search or all languages), what to search (whether in your selected sites or entire sites), etc. Second step is just putting search box code in your page or you can show the search result page in your site by putting the search result code in another page in your site. Google custom search engine is like its name that you can custom how it looks by customizing your search box provided by Google. That’s it. Pretty easy!:) Now you can enjoy your own search engine provided by Google.

Aha…Yahoo also provides a Yahoo! Search BOSS–Build your Own Search Service–that is open but it may not be easy to use for simple user that doesn’t know about programming. Typically, BOSS gives you (Developers, start-ups, and large Internet companies) access to their powerful search technology. You need to do more stuffs but it’s cool to try it a go. I’ve got round with it. It’s so cool:).

More further visit Yahoo! Search BOSS site.


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