I’m so happy to join in wordpress blog and start to build my own blog. My full name is KEAT Lyna. I am a graduate from Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) and from Royal University of Law and Economics in major of Informatic Economics. That is all about my short background.

Currently, I am living in Cambodia and I have been working at Yoolk Inc as a Web Developer. Now you get to know a little bit about me and I’m also pleased that you have spent your time reading about me. Okay, now it should be your turn to let me know about you and don’t forget to drop me a line so that we can keep in touch. :):)


7 Responses to “About”

  1. nice blog

  2. 2 Keat Lyna


  3. oh oh oh. I found your blog by chance.
    Do you remember me?

  4. 4 Keat Lyna

    Only KK? There’s no clue that can make me recognize you. Ah you also graduated from Beoung Trabek. Perhaps we used to be classmates?

  5. i was your classmate in 12u. my name is Ka.

  6. 6 Keat Lyna

    Welcome my friend:) Nice to hear from you again.

  7. That’s glad to see you. I just looking around on the world wide web.

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